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The Central Otago Wilding Conifer Control Group Inc (COWCCG) is an independent community not-for-profit organisation formed in 2013 in response to mounting concerns about the impact and spread of wilding conifers on the Central Otago landscape. 

COWCCG aims to protect the Central Otago landscape from the spread of wilding conifers and associated consequences - more about that here. We work with landowners to control and remove wilding conifers from the landscape. 

We are funded by MPI's National Wilding Conifer Control Programme, and contributions from ORC, CODC and LINZ. 


Central Otago natural landscapes, areas of ecological significance and productive pastoral lands are protected from the impacts of wilding conifers

In order to achieve our vision, COWCCG has set out the following objectives:

a) To control and promote the control of wilding conifers
b) To source funding for wilding conifer control
c) To plan, manage and co-ordinate the use of funds and resources for the purpose of wilding conifer control
d) To promote public awareness and knowledge of wilding conifers, their effects, and their control


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