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Non Harmful Planting Alternatives

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus spp - Can be intolerant of extreme winter cold. Open foliage. Reliable spp – E. pauciflora, E. coccifera, E. johnstonii, E. stellulata

Kowhai Sophora is best known for their brilliant yellow flowers that appear in profusion in Spring and stand out among the forest greenery. Native

Ribbonwood Plagianthus Regius is a tall growing column tree with strong upward growth. It has a light airey appearance and forms a strong vertical structure.

Kanuka Kunzea ericoides - a tough reliable small tree coping with in harsh, exposed conditions.

Mountain Beech Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides is one of the most majestic of trees, best planted in groups. A great long term tree.


Cabbage Tree Cordyline Australis is great in groups or as an individual feature and grows well in Central Otago's climate.

Mountain Wineberry Aristotelia fruticose is another great small tree. A well sought after species for birds, autumn colour, without being fussy.

Coprosma Options such as Mingimingi grow in exposed areas. Whilst other coprosma species such as the karamu, can provide a lush green foliage.

Hebe With many different varieties, this plant species provides good colour and texture to your garden

Mountain Flax Phormium species such as cookianum and tenax attractive and well suited to extreme conditions, providing a great shelter for more sensitive species

Carex A sedge species that thrives in Central Otago and always look handsome even in the wet, very reliable. Consider options such as secta and virgata

Snow / Red Tussock Chionochloa loves Central Otago conditions and will quickly fill 1sqm of space

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