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Central Otago Wilding Conifer Control Group

Up to 70% of our landscape is under threat

The future of our landscape and the communities that enjoy them are at stake...

A Growing threat

Spreading at a rate of 5% or 90,000ha per year in NZ - that's an area larger than the Queenstown Lakes District!

A Unique ISSUE

Wilding pines favour our unique climate, nearly doubling the growth rate of their natural homeland.


Owing to their easy seed dispersal & growth rate, wilding pines outcompete our slower-growing native plants

A pressing need

Without help 20% of Aotearoa will be covered in pine trees in 20 years time.

The cost of doing nothing is simply too great to ignore...




Means letting their spread run its course, engulfing our natural landscape in the process

Escalating threat of exponential growth & seed dispersal negatively impacting our environment

Negative economic impacts locally & nationally. Greater cost & resources to manage

Fire risks increased dramatically devastating lives and communities that live within them

Loss of productive farmland, biodiversity, tourism and water


Means strategically moving at haste to respond to this rapidly escalating problem

Unique natural landscapes retained & protected for future generations

Positive economic outcomes - early investment ensures the problem doesn't escalate

Managing our region's fire risk with a reduction risk to life and property

A healthy environment that supports biodiversity, productive farmland, tourism and water

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