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Silky Saw Giveaway!

Wilding pines are a super spreader, and we realise we need to motivate people to personally deal with pines in their own backyard.  

We need to provide them with the tools.  

So, we’ve teamed up with Silky Saw NZ to giveaway x5 Super Accel Silky Saws (valued at $72) to arm our locals with the means to hack down wilding pines in their backyard.  

Silky Saw Moving Animation
Silky Saw Giveaway Banner.jpg

Winner announced end of September. 

Massive thanks for @SilkySawNZ for giving us the tools to gift to you.  

T&C – The winners will be chosen at random and may be tagged on social media and be contacted by Central Otago Wilding Conifer Control Group. The winners must have tagged a friend on the social media post and be following the CWG and Silky NZ social pages.  

- Always wear protective eyewear when using Silky Saws

- Never use these saws on or near energised electrical circuits

- Always wear work gloves when using this product

- Keep hands and other body parts away from saw blades

- Always inspect the saw before using

– Do not use if the blade is loose or if bent or damaged

- This product should only be used to cut trees, branches and dry wood

- Keep out of the reach of children.

Here’s how you use a silky saw to cut down a pine. 

Remove lower branches so you have a good view / passage to the truck 

You want to cut as close as you can to the ground – any lower branches or knobs left on the truck will invite new growth so it’s vital you remove them. 

Start sawing – the pull in will make the cut. Do not apply force when sawing.

The Silky Saw is designed in a way that the saw does the work. 

Once you’ve cut down the wilding pine. Leave it in place to rot down.  

And again, make sure there’s no lingering branches attached to the cut stump.

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