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A warm welcome from us!

The Central Otago Wilding Conifer Group is leaping into the 21st century with the introduction of a website. Welcome aboard, and have a look around.

Above all, the support of the community is what drives us to complete our work. We hope that this website will enable us to share the work we do with more members of the community and increase the engagement we have with the people living in, and visiting Central Otago.

What drives our work is the threat that wilding pines pose to our environment, be that our landscape, our water, our biodiversity or our economy. We work to remove wilding pines from the landscape, and in doing so protect further areas from invasion. A key theme in our work is the 'right tree in the right place', and this does involve talking about pines fit into our landscape, where they might be appropriate, and where they might not be.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to have a chat about what we do, if you have questions, want to lend a hand, or know of some pine trees that could do with some attention.


Project manager Robin Pieper gets the low-down from retiring project manager and long term pine control advocate Phil Murray.

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