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Media Coverage on Wildings

Following, the government's $100million investment in wilding conifers, the knowledge, awareness and media coverage has ramped up. Displaces tourism workers are finding new job satisfaction amongst the hills, and more trees are being killed than ever. But, with the funding comes a whole raft of complexities surrounding the question: What else is needed to safeguard the $100million country-wide investment?

An excellent article on the wilding pine issue and all its complexities was featured on Stuff last week. Read the article here:

The group endorses it as an excellent read highlighting the issue and wider picture surrounding the $100million investment from the government. With this, and careful planning we can be well on our way to getting wilding pines under control, but not without some hard work, hard conversations and careful vigilance.

For our work here in Central Otago, we still have major challenges among seed sources and appropriate rules and legislation leading to long term control, although these are becoming more widely known and addressed. We are positive about the direction we are headed, and determined to harness that energy and keep our foot on the gas.

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