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Submit Against ETS Pine Plantation on Outstanding Natural Landscape - WE NEED YOUR HELP (5 mins)

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Lammermoor Station Resource Consent Pine Forest Application

Submissions close 4pm Thursday 1st December

Photograph of site to be planted, noting the recent burn off preparation by the land owner.

Lammermoor Station owners have applied to plant 66 hectares of Pine Trees on Outstanding Natural Landscape designated land in the Lammermoor Range (see map below) under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

If consent is granted by the Central Otago District Council this will set a dangerous precedent for other landowners to cash in on the rapidly rising price of carbon at the expense of all others who value our unique local landscape and the flora and fauna that depend on it. (See a full list of the impacts on the pre-filled submission form linked below).

We are doing what we can but we need voices from the public to aid us in this fight for the environment.

Please find further details below along with template and further instructions to make your application. N.B Submissions close 4pm Thursday, 1st December

Follow these steps

to quickly and easily make a submission.

Step 1 - download this pre-filled submission form, or, download a blank submission form to fill out yourself.

Step 2 - fill in the remaining fields in the form, the things you need to include in your submission are:

  • Your full name and address, telephone number and email address

  • Whether you support or oppose the application for resource consent

  • The reason for your submission

  • The decision you wish the Council to make, including any conditions sought

  • Whether you wish to be heard.

(Some of these have been completed on the pre-filled template).

Remember that your submission becomes public information and will be available for anyone to view.

TIP: a simple way to complete the form is to print it, fill it out & sign. Then take photos of each page on your smart phone, then email those photos using the details in Step 3 below.

Step 3 - Send your submission...

Email your submission to - Subject - Attention: Planning Department

Make sure you also CC to - *

*You must also serve a copy of your submission on Lammermoor Station (the applicant), whose address for service is C/- JPW Consulting Limited, Jake Woodward, as soon as reasonably practicable after serving your submission on Central Otago District Council).

Or, Mail to - Central Otago District Council, PO Box 122, Alexandra 9340

Submission DONE! - Now please SHARE this with others...

Submissions close at 4.00 pm Thursday 01 December 2022.

More Info

To see the complete application for consent and other relevant information see this this OneDrive folder of info we have compiled.

You can also see the application here on the CODC Notified Consents Page.

If you are new to this issue and are wondering what it wrong with planting pine trees like please The Wilding Pine Issue page of our website.

The applicant has described methods of how they will attempt to contain the wilding spread of their plantation such as a perimeter of a "sterile" species, which is incorrect information (see this article).

With the collective knowledge and experience of our group we know that their measure proposed will not contain the spread.

Any questions contact Pete Oswald at or 021 732 367, he will be happy to help you with completing a submission or providing any more info.

Location Map of Proposed Site

A plantation on the same property (reference B on the map), consented 2011-2012, almost at coning (seeding age).

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1 Comment

Peter Willsman
Peter Willsman
Nov 27, 2022

Budget allocations of millions are for wilding control. Permitting new forestry plantings on the Lamaloor which will spread seed in 10 years is a no brainer,

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